Evening and weekend appointments

Patients of any Access Health Care surgery are now able to make routine appointments for evenings and at weekends – the aim being to make it easier to see a clinician at a time that suits you.

This scheme is an extension of the usual GP practice services, not a walk-in service, with patients still needing to make an appointment if they want to see a GP in the evening or at the weekend. When using the service, patients might not be able to see their usual doctor and it is possible the clinician they see may be from another practice. However, the clinician will be able to prescribe medication or refer the patient for further treatment if necessary.

If a patient sees a GP at a different practice, their own GP will receive electronic notes of the consultation to ensure the records are up to date.

Patients are advised to contact their GP practice for more information about the service and to find out how they can secure an appointment. Alternatively, visit www.nhs.uk/gpaccess

Patients can also request online consultation with their GP via the following link to fill out an E-Consult where you should get a response by the end of the next working day. https://accesshealthanddental.webgp.com/